About ELP Ireland.

ELP Ireland is a small family-run Irish business which specialises in the organisation of High School Programmes in West Cork and is the leading expert in the organisation of High School Programmes here.

We care about our students and we take pride in making sure that our students have a safe and positive experience here in Ireland with the objective of improving their English to the highest possible level.

WHY ELP Ireland?

ELP Ireland is a boutique organisation which provides a premium service to make sure that your child has the best possible experience during their school year in Ireland. Our students’ parents know that their children are safe with ELP and that we will take care of them and help them to meet their linguistic objectives.

Our Location

In the heart of West Cork

Safe, Beautiful & Fun

Our Service


ELP Ireland takes care of every detail-we’re not corporate.


ELP Ireland knows that there is nothing more important than your children.


ELP Ireland won’t let you down.


Small is beautiful.