Most frequently asked questions


With a school year abroad, there are always a lot of questions. Here, you can see some of the typical questions about the high school year in Ireland with ELP Ireland. If you have more questions, contact us.

  • Why a school year abroad?

    It’s the quickest way to improve your child’s level of English. In the context of a language academy in Spain, your English level can jump 3-5 courses/levels. So, you save a lot of time.

  • Why a school year in Ireland & Cork?

    A quality education system. The people. It’s near, safe and beautiful.

  • Why ELP Ireland?

    Personalised. Professional. We care about our students.

  • What is the best year to study in Ireland?

    In general, Transition Year, 5th Year and 2nd Year are the most popular years.

  • Is a high school year in Ireland difficult?

    The first month is hard. The student is adapting to many things but ELP Ireland is here to help and advise. If you study hard and make a big effort, you will see the improvement!

  • How will my son/daughter travel to Ireland?

    We will advise you on what flights to book. If there are students travelling from the same city, we advise parents that they all fly on the same flight so that they can travel together. We will always be there at Cork airport waiting.

  • Activities, sports & social life?

    Irish secondary schools offer many extracurricular activities. We recommend that students get involved in these activities because it’s a great way to make friends. We will also give students information about activities and sports they can do in the town where they live.

  • How do you look for the host family?

    Mostly, word of mouth.

  • Can I choose the secondary school?

    Of course. The earlier you reserve, the more options you have. However, it depends on availability.

  • Are there many Spanish in the schools?

    In our partner schools, there are very few. The schools in bigger cities usually have a lot more.

  • Who will help me during the school year?

    Every student has a coordinator who the student will communicate with every week in the first month and then every 3/4 weeks afterwards, more or less.

  • Will my English improve?

    Without doubt! If you make a big effort to get involved in Irish life, you will meet lots of new people, you will speak and practise a lot and, of course, your English level will improve.

  • Can we visit our son/daughter?

    Of course! We ask that you visit after the first term and only during school holidays or weekends.

  • Can my child study for 1 term?

    It is possible. However, not in all of our partner schools. The majority only accept students for the full academic course.