One of The Family

Host families must follow a set of guidelines to ensure that they meet requirements as set out by ELP Ireland. Students staying with host families will have access to the following services:

  •  Their own bedroom with a desk, for study.
  •  All meals, a packed lunch for school, plus any other drinks or snacks, as required
  •  Use of the home’s facilities, including the internet.
  •  Laundry (Once a week).
  •  Students will join the host family for shopping and social outings.
  •  An adult member of the host family will accompany the student on any visit to the doctor, dentist or optician, if required.

Your Irish Family

The host family must agree to vetting by An Garda Síochána (Irish Police Force) and ELP Ireland will ensure that the family has the interest and desire to take care of a student from abroad in their house and make sure that the student is ONE OF THE FAMILY

ELP Ireland Host Families

For the majority of students that participate in a high school programme abroad with ELP Ireland, they will stay with a host family that will be carefully selected. The host family is the most important aspect of the programme and the student will be another member of the family.

A host family for the high school programme with ELP Ireland can be:
  • A couple
  • A retired couple
  • A couple with young kids
  • A couple with children that live at home
  • A couple with children that live outside of home
  • A single mother