The next Steps

These are the minimum requirements to participate in ELP Ireland’s High School Programmme. The student has:

  •  The motivation to participate in the high school programme.
  •  An age between 12 and 18 years.
  •  A knowledge of English (we recommend a minimum level of intermediate).
  •  Passed all his/her subjects in their previous course in school.
  •  A positive attitude.
  •  A sufficient maturity and personality to spend a school year in a new life and culture.

To register in ELP Ireland’s High School Programme, it is important to organise it with sufficient time. If you have taken the decision, it is recommendable to do it about 6-9 months before the initial arrival in Ireland. The majority of students register for the high school year programme from December to April. You can register as late as 3 months before departure (departure at the end of August) and in the case of registering at the last minute, don’t worry. Contact us and we would study the possibilities that we can offer you and organise it.

To register in ELP Ireland’s High School programme, initially, contact us by email or telephone and tell us your queries and questions. There are always lots of questions, so, don’t worry! In addition, we now live in a small world, with the internet, and we would recommend that we organise a call by Skype, to meet and talk about the High School Programme here in Ireland. When you have made the decision to participate in ELP Ireland’s High School Programme, we organise the secondary school and begin the process. To formally register in the programme, we send you a registration form and you return it to us, all by email. This document should also be accompanied by the following documents:
• Passport.
• National Identity Card.
• Birth Certificate.
• Most recent school results.
• European Health Insurance Card.
After, we organise the other documents for the high school programme (Programme Rules, medical documents, etc.)

It’s a good idea to organise a first Skype appointment, to meet and inform you about the programme. We recommend a second Skype appointment with the student without parents (If you agree, of course), to speak with the student in English that would allow us to see if the student possesses a sufficient level of English to participate in the programme.
In addition to speaking, we might ask the student to write a short text for us in English that would help us see his/her level of written English.