Leopoldo Cortejoso García

Hello!! I would like to explain my experience, as a parent, in relation to my 15-year-old daughter’s stay in Ireland during the 2015-16 School Course, with ELP Ireland.I found ELP Ireland through an internet search. Richard and Claire manage ELP with a personal treatment and the cared about my daughter, the choice of host family and they advised us like nobody else.We had a Skype interview and this was when we decided. My daughter spent the first trimestre there (August to December) and the price was excellent and Richard & Claire’s professionalism was magnificent.Without doubt, I recommend ELP to all parents and with my experience of 2 kids (one in Ireland and the other in the USA) the best age and course are 15-16 years and Transition Year, a course of Transition which they have, with a lot to gain with the language and little to lose in course materials.Thank you Richard & Claire