Lucia Martín Perez (Málaga)

At the beginning it’s always hard because everything is in English and it takes some time to adapt to a new way of life. But, here in Ireland, the people are very friendly and hospitable, like my family, teachers, Richie and Claire. They all want to make sure that my experience here in Cork is unforgettable and that my level of English continues to improve.
With my family, I have had a lot of luck and although I’m not living with anybody of the same age, I have two younger sisters that always put a smile on my face.

The school is quite different from that in Spain, it’s an all-girls school and at the beginning, although they speak to you and ask many questions, there are some who are closed and I have had to open up to make new friends. Regarding my studies, I have to push myself a lot to be able to validate the course when I return home.

Thanks to this experience, I am maturing in all aspects, both in my English and in myself. I am meeting a lot of new people and making new friends from another country with a different way of life.