Martina Pàmies Fabián (Barcelona)

During these 9 months in Ireland I have learned and developed a lot as a person. At first I was very nervous because I did not know how my life would change. The uncertainty as to whether I would adapt to the family or if I would make friends at school, worried me a lot. I used to visualize my stay in Ireland very negatively, without friends and without understanding the language, but Richie and Claire always supported me and gave me very good advice.

Now I look back and I realize that the bad days did not last at all, compared to the good. I had a very good relationship with my family, I made friends very quickly and I always felt very comfortable thanks to all the people around me. I learned that what everyone said to me “with effort get things”, which was real and truly satisfying.

It is true that everything was very different from what I was used to, but that was one of the reasons, apart from learning English, why I went to spend a year abroad. It really could not have gone better, and in addition to learning to speak English as if it were my first language, I was very lucky to have such a fun family, some unforgettable friends and coordinators who were always there when I needed them.

A very nice and recommended experience for everyone.